Course Outlines

Working with Scan Tools

8 hours of training

This new 8-hour training course is designed for everyone involved in the collision industry from the novice to the most advanced Tech.

The course begins with 4 hours of classroom training.  Discussion topics include; pre- and post-scanning requirements, onboard systems, scanning product choices, code identification and trouble shooting tips.

Students will continue on to 4 hours of in shop practice with an opportunity to sample numerous products and apply their newly acquired onboard diagnostic skills in a safe controlled environment.

Simplified Hybrid Electric Vehicle Repairs

Our most recent 8-hour ICBC-accredited training includes a quick review into the early Hybrid systems plus an exciting exploration into the new technology that accompanies the latest plug-in Hybrids and the Electric Vehicle (EV) fleet. The training will include newly discovered service and safety tips to help technicians remain profitable and safe when confronted with these modern, innovative vehicles. Suitable for auto body technicians, automotive painters, automotive service technicians and estimators.


Handling Hybrids

This 8-hour, ICBC-accredited training is designed for Autobody Technicians, Automotive Painters, Auto Mechanics and Estimators. After completing this course you will have the knowledge to perform safe, confident repairs on today’s fleet of low-emission hybrid vehicles.

The course offers “vehicle specific” features such as shut-down procedures and safety precautions you will need to know prior to working on these vehicles.

Upon successful completion on this course you will receive a certificate for 8 hours of training.


Handling Hybrids for First Responders

This 4-hour training session will inform and prepare First Response personnel of the dangers associated with these vehicles. You will learn to quickly identify a Hybrid vehicle and the safety techniques you need to know before you respond to a Hybrid motor vehicle accident scene. This training is critical to anyone in this field.


Handling Hybrids for Tow Truck Drivers

This 4-hour training session will give you the information you need to quickly identify a Hybrid vehicle and the dangers associated with them. You will learn the critical information you need to know to safely transport a Hybrid vehicle.


"Training Before Its Time"